WF mailman caught on tape tossing a package

Published: Mar. 8, 2017 at 5:44 PM CST
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A mailman in West Fargo is caught on camera tossing a package onto a doorstep raises questions about how our mail is being handled.

With online shopping on the rise, having packages delivered to your door is more common than ever.

But are they being handled with care, or are they damaged goods?

Have you ever had a botched delivery? After a Valley News Live whistle blower sent us a video, it has the West Fargo post office looking into how your mail is being delivered.

There were happy customers today at the West Fargo post office, but they changed their tune after seeing the video of the mailman flipping his wrist, tossing someone's package like a frisbee at their door.

So we brought the issue to the postmaster Jim Stewart.

Stewart says, "I'm very upset when I see something like this."

Stewart has been the postmaster at West Fargo post office for around 3 months.

He says, "All my carriers know, that my policy and the postal office's policy is to treat your customers mail like you want your mail to be treated. Obviously, I don't want anybody throwing my packages so I'm not going to throw there's."

Stewart says this isn't a common issue. However, this isn't the first time the West Fargo mail service has had issues.

Last fall, a Valley News Live investigation revealed a West Fargo neighborhood mail mix-up. Where neighbors were routinely getting personal information sent to the wrong home.

Stewart says, "Flinging the package up on the porch, you don't know what they're doing with that package. Somebody might be actually waiting for that package. It could be medicine, something could be broken, it could be a kid's toy, a birthday present. So obviously we don't want those things to be damaged."

People upset, hoping they don't find disappointment at their doorstep.

Stewart says he knows who the mailman is, saying he's only been there for about a month and if this happens again, administrative action will be taken.