WF daycare center is again under scrutiny after unannounced inspection

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West Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A West Fargo daycare center is again under scrutiny after an unannounced inspection found issues.

It comes less than six months after the center's license was suspended, and then re-opened under a new owner.

Theresa Busche said she spent a month and a half at Tiny Town, and initially, didn't believe the daycare could turn it around.

“You're better off leaving your child with the kid next door in all honesty,” Busche, who left on January 3, said.

The previous owner Tiffany Bachand had her license revoked last August for several issues, including improper discipline and being short staffed.

It forced Bachand to close, yet the daycare re-opened in November under her husband's name, according to documents from Cass County Social Services.

Busche, who called our Whistleblower Hotline, said the problems still persist.

“I'm more fearful that something is going to happen. I'm fearful that somebody is going to get hurt…because they seem to think they can beat the system,” Busche said.

In December of 2019, a corrective order was issued by Cass County Social Services outlining more issues and falling in line with what Busche is saying.

“The kids are just running around, playing, climbing on things, [and] knocking over furniture that's not stable,” Busche said.

After we were initially told Tiny Town would be willing to speak regarding the allegations, the owner told us their only response is no comment.

Two social service inspectors paid Tiny Town a surprise visit on December 11 and found there wasn't a director present.

The owner, Steve Bachand, later showed up and admitted that the current director has a full time job elsewhere.

According to inspectors, there was no one else qualified to act as a supervisor.

“It's technically a free-for-all,” Busche said. “You walk in, you punch in, you do what you want to do, and then you leave.”

Tiny Town was given 20 days to fix the issue, which they agreed to do. In the meantime, the daycare continues to operate.

Several other former employees told us they've filed new complaints with Cass County Social Services regarding Tiny Town.

The agency has previously told us it cannot comment on ongoing investigations.