Voters say No to 10.9 million dollar bond referendum

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 8:47 PM CDT
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Voters in Cavalier, North Dakota have said "No" to a 10.9 million dollar bond referendum. 859 total voters cast ballots Monday. 492 said yes, while 367 said no. That's 57.27% approval, but a 60% super majority was needed to pass.

It's the second time that the district has asked voters for approval.

The money would have gone to renovate and rebuild the school's oldest building, which dates back to 1937. It also would have paid for improvements to the learning experience. For the owner of a 100,000 dollar home in the district, taxes would have gone up almost 200 dollars annually.

Superintendent Jeff Manley says they will have to wait at least a year before asking voters again and the district will prioritize necessary repairs.