Volunteers help clean up vandalism at Bonanzaville

Volunteers help clean up vandalism at Bonanzaville.
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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- An act of vandalism that caused more than 200,000 gallons of water to flood the grounds of three historic Cass County buildings at Bonanzaville is cleaned up by volunteers.

Two individuals from Earth Work Services volunteered their time and heavy equipment to break up chunks of ice at Bonanzaville.

"To volunteer our time it's pretty cool. If we can make a difference to the community, that's what we're here to do," says Nathan Volk, Earth Work Services.

But cleaning up is harder then they expected.

The volunteers say they're having a hard time breaking up the chunks of ice, because of how thick the ice actually is.

"It takes forever to get it broken up. Once we finally get enough chunks out then we can get our buckets on and start making some more progress," says Volk.

Other volunteers have also called in, saying they're willing to help in the Spring if issues do occur.

"Because of all the volunteers and because of the generosity of the community, what could have been a really bad situation turned out to be something wonderful," says Kaci Johnson, Curator at Bonanzaville.

Johnson says fixing the damage the vandals caused isn't costing Bonanzaville anything, because of all the volunteers and donations they've been receiving.

The volunteers finished cleaning up the ice chunks the vandals caused.

Bonanzaville expects the aftermath from the flooding to not effect them opening up on May 1st.