Volunteer firefighter accused of starting multiple fires faces federal charges

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ELGIN, N.D. (KFYR) -- A volunteer firefighter from Elgin, North Dakota, who is accused of setting fire to multiple buildings in Elgin has been charged in federal court.

Court documents say 25-year-old John Wayne Iszler started a garage fire in Elgin on Dec. 24, the Dakota Farms fire in Elgin on Dec. 31, an apartment fire in Elgin in February and a grass fire south of Elgin on April 18.

Iszler has also been charged in South Central District Court after he confessed to the Grant County sheriff about starting the fires.

The estimated damage to Dakota Farms Equipment was $3.3 million.

Iszler has been charged federally with malicious destruction, by fire, of a business operating in interstate and foreign commerce and attempted malicious destruction, by fire, of an occupied rental property.