Vikings fans are selling their Super Bowl tickets

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MINNEAPOLIS (KARE 11) -- Just more than a week until the Super Bowl, tickets remain available and expensive, but less so since the Vikings lost to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

Mike Nowakowski of The Ticket King says Super Bowl ticket prices peaked the night before the NFC Championship Game, driven by Vikings fans eager to see their team in a home-field Super Bowl.

Once the Vikings lost, ticket prices dropped. “On the entry-level seat they’ve dropped around $1,000,” Nowakoski said.

Many of those Vikings fans are looking to sell their tickets. “That's our main source of tickets at this point. Unfortunately, they are generally unable to get what they paid,” Nowakowski said.

One of those heartbroken Vikings fans is Minh Huynh. He was so confident the Vikings would make it to the big game that he purchased a Super Bowl package that included two tickets, hotel rooms, and extras such as a Happy Hour with NFL players for $10,000.

After the team lost, he listed the package on Craigslist calling himself a “heartbroken Vikes fan” and marketing the tickets to “New England Patriots fans and Non-Philly Fans.”

“I’m bitter,” he says. “Just being there and seeing the team that beat us to get there, I think I would be too upset.”

For Huynh, finding the right buyer was more important than the highest bidder. Still, he says, he found a buyer and got his money back.

Despite Huynh’s refusal to sell to Eagles fans, they are driving the market, according to Nowakowski. He says strong interest from Philadelphia has kept ticket prices from falling further.

Nowakowski adds that it’s impossible to predict a Super Bowl ticket market and it could fluctuate greatly in the week before the game.

He advises fans who want to go to the game to pick the number they are willing to spend and then just watch to see if tickets get to their chosen price.