Vikings arrive in Philly to cheers and jeers

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PHILADELPHIA (KARE 11) -- The Minnesota Vikings arrived at their hotel in Philadelphia on Saturday, about 24 hours ahead of the NFC Championship game against the Eagles.

The team was greeted by cheers, jeers, booing, and calls of "go home" and even "nerds."

The Eagles and Vikings have 15 NFC Championship game appearances between them. Both teams were 13-3 during the regular season, and neither has won a Super Bowl.

"When you get to this point in the playoffs, turnovers always end up being the difference, you know. They're plus-11 in turnovers this year, they've got 19 interceptions, I believe," Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.

"Going into the game you never really know. I mean, there's times where I've said, 'This is gonna be a low-scoring game,' and it's 30 to 28 or something like that, so you've just got to go out and play the best you can."

The game starts at 5:40 p.m. Sunday.

A win would mean the Vikings would head back home for their first Super Bowl appearance in 41 years. The Super Bowl will be Feb. 4 at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.