Vigil For Justis

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At the Hilltop Celebration Church, emotions of disbelief filled the room.

All who were present, wore blue ribbons on their clothing honoring the young six-year old, and to promote child well-being in this child abuse awareness month.

While tonight was about celebrating the life of Justis, family members of the six-year-old used tonight's vigil as the chance to take a stand, and call for changes within the child protective services.

"I think we will get a relief once there is a national database nationwide that will save children like Justis, that is when we will forgive and his memory will live on that way," said Kayloni Burland.

Several people also shared memories of encounters they had with young Justis, and donated to help his twin brother Xavier who he leaves behind.

The family's only hope is that Xavier, will now get placed into good hands by the child protected services.

"I want to take him home I want to be able to see him,” said Norma Burland.