Video captures theft of Moorhead family's snowmobile

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MOORHEAD, M.N. (Valley News Live) A Moorhead family contacted our Whistleblower Hotline saying they can’t sleep at night in fear their home will be burglarized once again.

Video captured by Lucas Prince’s neighbor showed a pickup truck dragging his 11-year-old son’s snowmobile last week Friday at around 3 a.m.

Dylan Prince was looking forward to riding that snowmobile, yet those plans sled off course in a matter of minutes.

“It was my first snowmobile and it was super cool and fun,” the 11-year-old said. “And then right when it gets warm up to 32 degrees, then it gets stolen.”

The family called the Moorhead Police Department after it was stolen, which happened on the 100 block of Lancaster Drive.

Lucas Prince said he paid nearly $300 in cash for the used snowmobile. They were fixing it and had installed a new engine the night before it was taken.

“Spent about a week working on it and just got it running, [and] was getting ready to go for a ride. The weather finally warmed up so we can go ride and then it was gone,” Prince said.

The Moorhead family does not have any idea who would steal it or why.

Prince said the thief also stole his family’s sense of security that night.

“I want to catch this guy. My kids are staying up at night, waking me up thinking they're hearing someone's coming back. That's just not cool,” Prince said.

His son Dylan said he wakes up by the slightest noise, including the ones his cat makes.

“Somebody would get in and steal something else,” he said.

They hope the person who stole it brings it back, although they aren’t getting their hopes up.

Moorhead Police are continuing to investigate the snowmobile theft. The family told us officers are trying to find out whether any neighbors captured it on video.