Veterans reacts to North Korea releasing remains to the United States

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Ever since that historic summit meeting, many have wondered what president Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un discussed. After it was released that North Korea has as many as 200 remains that they plan to return to the U.S., we spoke with some war veterans in our area who say it's about time that everyone comes home.

Willis Pritchard describes his time served in the Korean War as quite the experience. He tells us that many times it is hard to forget and talk about the people lost, because over time many of them become friends and even brothers to each other.

"One minute they're there and the next minute they are gone, so you take it day by day," said Willis Pritchard.

Pritchard says though many of his lost brothers were brought back home during the time of the war, knowing that North Korea is planning to return remains to the U.S. is very honorable.

"Says to me that our country is looking after their veterans," said Pritchard.

"It's exciting to hear the news that North Korea has some of those remains and they are willing to bring them back to the United States," said National Commander of The American Legion, Denise Rohan.

Rohan who coordinates ceremonies for veterans of the American Legion says, these reunion talks between North Korea and the U.S. add a belief that there will be peace for years to come, once all heroes have returned home to their families. If you have a family member or anyone you know who is still missing from any war, the American Legion says to have a DNA sample on file so that you can identify remains when they are returned.

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