Vaping: how it's effecting teens and their health

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(Fargo, ND) -- 22 people in the Midwest have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing problems. Most of these patients are young adults and teens. With vaping continuing to be a trend, doctors are warning teens and parents to be aware of the health problems these products cause.

UI Health Care researchers are looking for volunteers for their study on the effects of vaping. (MGN)

"We've been seeing more and more vapors come through the doors," says Sanford's Lead Respiratory Therapist, Stephanie Rieniets.

With E-Cigarettes, Juul's and other devices finding their way into the fingertips of you young people, the main concern doctors have is how little teens know about these products.

"They think its a water vapor or a mist and we know that a lot of the additives they use are Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Those are ok for us to eat with, not ok for us to inhale. They can lead to lipid pneumonia's and other issues," says Rieniets.

Rieniets says there are very high levels of nicotine in most of these vapes. To make things even more concerning, many teens are getting creative and using products that they bought online or even vaping marijuana.

Rieniets says, "There's so many different ways to use these and kids are very inventive and I think they're just trying new things and that's also scary, too, because we don't know what they're all putting in these vapes."

Not only does vaping put pressure on young people's lungs, it also effects the brain. Rieniets says, "the adolescent group is vaping at a really high rate and their brains are still developing up until they're 25 years old, so it does change the mechanics of your brain or how it's developed to make you more prone to other addictions."

With the recent number of hospitalizations, many are starting to worry about the effects vaping has. Including doctors, "the scary part is, we just don't know the long term damages that are going to be coming from this. We do know that it is causing lung irritation. The scariest part is, the more we learn about these, the worse they are looking," says Rieniets.

Rieniets says that there are also metal fibers that are inhaled during vaping. This comes from heating the device, which can cause that lung irritation.