Vandalism in Lisbon continues to increase

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LISBON, N.D. (Valley News Live)- The Lisbon Police Department is telling everyone who lives there to be on alert.

The department posted to their Facebook page saying the vandals are at work again. This time egging vehicles, spray painting a couple churches, and even cutting Christmas light wires!

Monday, the city of Lisbon was attacked with a few vandalism.

The police department says Christmas light wires are getting cut along with spray paint being on buildings.

"They're destroying somebody else's property. Obviously that's a crime," says Chief of Police Jeanette Persons.

Chief Persons believes the attacks were done by different people, but she doesn't know for sure because there were no witnesses or cameras to catch them in the act.

"Whether it's different groups or different people doing it, one feeds off the other," says Persons.

But if they are caught, it'll be a Class B Misdemeanor.

"They're going onto private property and destroying somebody else's property," says Pearson.

Chief Persons says it's been a random increase in vandalism in the last five to six weeks and she hopes to put a stop to it soon.

If you have any information regarding the recent vandalism in Lisbon, you are asked to call police.