Utah couple scammed out of thousands of dollars after receiving a forged email

CNN VAN An elaborate scam may cost a Utah couple close to a hundred thousand dollars.

The scammer posed as the real estate agent and sent the real clients a real email asking for real money.

The only difference was one letter different in the e-mail address.
The victims say they received an email from whom they thought was their legitimate real estate agent.

The email instructed them to wire $91,000 and that the real estate agent would be in at a workshop all day and not to call.

Quickly responding to the email that requested them to send money, they followed the instructions to the letter.
It wasn’t until days later when the victims were contacted by the real title company asking for money.

That’s when the scam came to light, someone had forged their real estate agent’s email address.

The FBI is also trying to track down the money.

Experts suggest always calling and confirming with the real estate agent and title company before sending money.