Uncertainty where Greywind baby ends up as suspects kept isolated from other inmates

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): We’re continuing to learn more details in the developing investigation into the death of Savanna Greywind, and police Tuesday confirmed what many people have been thinking: she was murdered. Police say the official cause of death right now is “homicidal violence”, the same cause of death listed for Tom Bearson almost three years ago.

Police say they have the preliminary autopsy results back from the Ramsey County Medical Examiner in St. Paul, Savanna Greywind’s body sent down to the agency there because she was found on the Clay County side of the Red River. Those results confirm she was murdered, but police will not say how she specifically died, or how she delivered her baby. Police are also not commenting on if this was a case of fetal abduction.

As for that baby girl, named Haisley Jo by the family, Cass County Social Services said due to confidentiality laws, they cannot comment on any situation. So we are not sure yet when, or if, the child will be handed over to either Savanna Greywind’s boyfriend or her parents. We’re told by a source close to the Greywind family Tuesday that a hearing was held in Cass County involving the boyfriend and Child Protective Services.

Suspects in the case, William Hoehn and Brooke Crews, remain in the Cass County Jail on $2 million bond. Jail administration said Tuesday “we are keeping them physically isolated from all other inmates” when asked if the pair was being separated from other Native American inmates.

The Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office tells Valley News Live they do not expect anything regarding the charges to Hoehn and Crews to change as a result of the preliminary autopsy results.

The abandoned farmstead north of Moorhead along the Red River remains closed off to the public, police tape is strung across the entrance to the property’s driveway. But it was at that property where searchers say they found what police called “suspicious items” that may have some connection to Savanna Greywind’s murder.

In the meantime, a fund has been set up for people to donate money and a memorial for Savanna Greywind outside her north Fargo apartment building continues to grow as people leave messages, flowers and candles.

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