Uncertainty over damage to cars in West Fargo causes concern

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) As dozens of vehicles remain in a West Fargo building, there’s questions about the extent of damage they’ve taken after a partial roof collapse.

There are 67 cars parked inside Harvest Hall at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds for the winter.

Red River Valley Fairgrounds Association General Manager Bryan Schulz has been fielding calls all day Saturday from owners.

“We will get phone calls made as soon as we know exactly when we'll be able to get in there, and get the vehicles that we can out of there,” Schulz said.

Schulz said a structural engineer stopped by the building Friday and warned him to not allow anyone near it.

A few car clubs we called in the Valley Saturday said they know of some members with cars parked inside Harvest Hall.

They’re anxious to know the extent of the damage to their vehicles.

“We would assume that there might be some damage to them because the roof has dropped,” Schulz said. “But to what extent, we have no idea. I mean it could've fallen between vehicles, we don't know.”

There’s a sign located in front of the fairgrounds announcing it is closed until further notice.

Discussions are currently underway to find a new location for the arts and crafts exhibit, which's housed at Harvest Hall during the Red River Valley Fair.

Moreover, more than 70 vendors participating in the Big Iron Farm Show use the building.

“We'll have to do something to get them all set for our big show in September,” Schulz said.

That show is still going on as planned, which’s September 10 to 12.

In the meantime, the fairgrounds isn’t blaming snow for the roof’s collapse just yet. Schulz said not until their engineers and insurance company determine that’s the cause.

Schulz said he’s planning to call an insurance company Monday morning and should have more clarity by then on when to remove the vintage cars.