UPDATE: Fargo woman with hole in roof gets results after calling Whistleblower Hotline

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - As you tuned in to Valley News Live’s severe weather coverage Tuesday night, you likely also saw our story on a Fargo woman's nightmare, as she dealt with rain pouring in from the hole in her roof.

When we spoke with Renae Mund Tuesday morning, it was hard to talk over the sound of water pouring in from her roof. Later that night the ceiling had fallen in even more.

Mund had told Valley News Live someone from her insurance company came out four days after she first reported the damage, around July 3. But she was still waiting for action.

We called the insurance company, and told them about the conditions we witnessed. The company, American Modern Insurance Group, said it wasn’t aware her conditions progressed to that point.

Now just one day later, Mund tells us the company is taking care of more than just her home—also reimbursing her for any additional expenses throughout the entire ordeal: even the time she missed from work.

"First of all I want to thank KVLY, channel 11, for everything they've done,” Mund said, “how they've covered it, 'cuz it really has helped...I think all the pressure that was put on them by you guys, yeah you're the ones that set them off, and they got everything together and they're going to be sending me a check tomorrow."

Mund says when the insurance company first visited her, the conditions weren't as bad as they later became. But with the rain, things continued getting worse. That's when she says she tried to contact the insurance agency over and over again, and she couldn't get a hold of anyone. Luckily, we were able to reach them. And now she's getting her check in the mail.

We reached out to the insurance company once more to confirm all this. While we're told the company can't discuss the details of Mund's policy, a communications officer says they're settling the claim according to Mund's insurance coverage.

Mund says the check is being shipped to her via FedEx Wednesday morning. Of course we will keep you updated to make sure she gets it.