UPDATE: Fargo veteran cemetery now to open this fall

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HARWOOD, N.D. (Valley News Live) - After years of anticipation, the Fargo National Veterans Cemetery is now slated to open this fall. It's been delayed several times: the latest reason being this severe winter, which kept the ground frozen for longer.

The cemetery was originally set to open in 2018. Then it was pushed back to this spring or summer.

Terry Richardson of the Fargo VFW, says he at first doubted the cemetery would be finished by this fall. But after seeing the most recent work done on the cemetery, he now believes it will finally be ready.

"Just about every day,” Richardson said, “somebody asks me when the cemetery's gonna open up. And we just keep saying, well it's been delayed because of the snow and everything like that. You can't reserve a spot yet. But the veteran can ask the VA or the veteran service officer to do a needs test."

A "needs test" will qualify the veteran to enter the cemetery when the time comes.

Workers on site say the opening will happen this September 1.