UND researcher working with Fargo and Kindred companies to ease drought around the world

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) A UND scientist is partnering with 2 other valley companies to tinker with Mother Nature and help the planet.
Atmospheric researcher, Dave Delene is working on a project to enhance rainfall in drought stricken areas and stop hail storms.
While drought in our region hasn’t been a problem in recent years, massive droughts in North America and around the world are a major problem.
Now, a UND researcher has teamed up with a couple of Valley companies to help solve the problem.
Cloud seeding isn’t new… using airplanes and flares to put silver iodine and other products into clouds to enhance rainfall and stops hail storms. But UND researcher, David Delene has received a grant to establish a scientific baseline of the actual effectiveness of current products.
David Delene, UND Atmospheric Scientist: “Test what they are making now, which hasn’t been tested in over 15 years. We want to get that baseline and use new technology to test that, get a baseline, so we can compare how their products compare with other company’s products.”
It’s research that will allow scientists to test the effectiveness of new products being developed at Ice Crystal Engineering in Kindred and delivered by Weather Modification Incorporated in Fargo, around the world.
David Delene, UND Atmospheric Scientist: “We want to come up with new products that work at warmer temperatures. And there are some new ideas in the laboratory, new techniques and better ways to study it now than we had 20 years ago.”
And it’s hoped all this will create new, high tech jobs right here in the valley as this technology takes off.
The research is being started with a $100,000 grant from North Dakota’s Centers of Excellence Commission.