Types of blood donations you can make

PHOTO: Medical blood testing, Photo Date: 2/19/2014

There is always a need for blood donations, whether to help cancer patients, mothers in labor, or blood-deficient patients.

United Blood Services now known as Vitalant, offers donors a whole blood or power red donation.

When setting an appointment with Vitalant, you're likely to be setting up a "whole blood" donation.

"Our whole blood donations, we're literally just taking a pint of just blood out of you, straight up. That gets separated at our lab into the plasma, platelets and red cells from there and then that can be distributed" said Donor Care Supervisor Kim Conlon.

The second type of donation is different, taking double the time of a 'whole blood' donation.

"With the double red cell, we're getting twice the amount of red cells, plasma goes back. Plasma is just the opposite. So, we take plasma and give you back all your red blood cells" said Conlon.

Not all people are encouraged to make a "power red" donation.

"We do prefer O blood types on our double machines, but we can take A and B positive and negative on there as well," said Conlon.

If you're interested in making a donation you can contact Vitalent at 877-258-4825.