Two men could face life in prison after sexual assault charges

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) A Fargo man has pleaded guilty on several federal charges ranging from child pornography to sexual assault of a child.

Court documents show that several agencies, including the Fargo Police Department, were involved in an investigation surrounding Dustin Kewley on the sexual assault of a one and a half year old child.

But the documents show that Kewley wasn't the only one under investigation in this case.

After digging deeper into this case investigators learned that Kewley had previously communicated and met up with another man by the name of Bryan Hogle.

Hogle is a predatory offender from Las Vegas. Court documents say back in May of 2017 the two met at a Moorhead hotel where they sexually assaulted the 1 and a half year old child.

Court records explain that the app, Kik Messenger, was found on Kewley's phone. Investigators say the messenger app had several images and videos of Kewley and the victim.

In total, investigators recovered more than 2,400 messages between Kewley and Hogle where they made plans to meet for the sole purpose of sexually assaulting the child.

Kewley alone is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. But together, Kewley and Hogle are charged with conspiracy to transport a minor and coercion of a minor.

They both could be sentenced to life in prison.