Two men bike over 1800 miles to raise awareness for breast cancer

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- Two men are biking across the country to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

They started 22 days ago in Oregon and are spending the night in Fargo.

They took a break from the pedaling to explain to Valley News Live what their journey is all about.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States next year.

That's why Bob Sherrill and Pablo Jimenez have already traveled over 18-hundred miles.

"This is my life now, beating cancer," Sherrill said. "As long as I am breathing, I will be fighting it. And we are going to beat it."

The road warriors are on day 22 of their journey that will take them to the twin cities. Sherrill said he started not long after overcoming his own cancer.

"I just couldn't sit at home and do nothing and just let cancer go on," Sherrill said.

Riding 12 hours a day and decked out in pink, they talk with people in every town they hit, as they try and spread the word.

"I think everyone can do something to help," Jimenez said. "Even if it's donating a couple dollars or going out and volunteering."

And it's not all about getting people involved or fundraising, these two want to increasing awareness.

Sherrill and Jimenez said they hope to live in a world without breast cancer.

And next year, Sherrill said he plans to extend his ride to Washington D.C., where he will push for breast cancer funding from congress.

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Twitter: @breast_world

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