Tub repair despair

FARGO, N.D. (VALLEY NEWS LIVE)-- A Fargo family of five has been sharing a small half bathroom in their basement since the beginning of May when Perry Stagl noticed a crack in his main bathroom's tub.

He said it only took a couple of cold showers before he decided to hire a contractor.

"I had a crack in my tub. It was about an inch and a half to two inches," Stagl said. "I put some tape on it, so it would not leak through. I looked on Facebook and I found Jan's Tub Repair. I gave him a call and he came out."

He said Jan's Tub Repair charged him $350 to fix the tub, but days later, it was cracking again. And this time, it might have been even worse.

"I feel very taken advantage of. I put faith in a business to come and take care of stuff," Stagl said. "And when they don't, and they make things worse, it's not good. And it is very, very, very inconvenient."

That wasn't the last time Jan's Tub Repair tried to fix it. Owner Jan Wetch said they went back six times.

"I have fixed a lot of these floors and there was something going on there," Wetch said. "There was water there. I believe every one of those guys that told me there was water there after the third time."

Wetch has been repairing tubs for 15 years and is a licensed contractor. He said he would be willing to finish the job, but he can't keep doing it for free.

"I'm losing money on the job," Wetch said. "I bet I have got 600 bucks in this job right now."

The cracked tub continues to plague Stagl with water seeping down into his son's bedroom closet.

"I am at a loss of words," Stagl said. "It has turned my world upside down right now."

As far as Wetch is concerned, he said he has done all he can. Stagl said it appears he has two options. Buy a new tub or take Jan's Tub Repair to court.