Trees vandalized outside of Aurora Elementary in West Fargo

WEST FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) - Multiple trees are now stripped of their branches outside of Aurora Elementary in West Fargo.

Police say they received a report Sunday morning of multiple trees with their branches broken off and a symbol spray-painted on the sidewalk along 9th Street West.

People living in this area of West Fargo say they are frustrated that someone would do this to their neighborhood.

"It makes me mad because I just can't understand why anybody would do that," said Beverly Gleave. "It is upsetting."

Josh Roberts has a child that attends Aurora. He says he will have a hard time explaining it to his son when he sees it on his way to school.

"I'm guessing he's going to see those trees tomorrow when I bring him to daycare," Roberts said. "He's probably going to be asking what happened to those trees."

People say they hope the vandal or vandals are held accountable for their actions and nothing else happens in the future.

West Fargo Police are asking for anyone with surveillance video or information about who did this to contact them as this is vandalism of city property.

Officials are investigating.