Trash buildup around Fargo

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - One Fargo couple decided to celebrate Earth Day by doing their part and picking up trash.

"We have an obligation to keep our planet clean," said Jim Alexander, a Fargo Resident.

The couple said they moved to Fargo last summer and couldn't help but notice the large amounts of trash plaguing the area.

"We did notice the amount of trash flying around all over and we thought, ‘wow’," Alexander said.

Fargo Public Works says the trash everyone has been seeing is the result of a long winter.

"What we have here is basically four months of buildup that has been collected in the ice and snow,” said Ben Dow, Director of Public Works. “With these nicer temperatures, we seeing four months of debris out there."

Now that spring has sprung, Dow says they are beginning the process of cleaning up. They clean areas like drains, retention pond, streets, and any city-owned area.

Many city-owned areas will soon be cleared of litter, but as for private property, it’s up to you.

"Private property is up to the owner to clean up,” Dow said. “Whether it's a parking lot where a snow pile has been sitting or any grassy area, stuff like that."

Even if the trash is not yours, if it is on your property, it is your responsibility. Fargo Public Works says they're doing their part in making sure the city stays trash-free, but they are asking residents to also step up and pick up the trash on private property.

There are also opportunities to volunteer. See the links below.