Tornado shelter: Where in the Valley can you go?

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Our Valley News Live storm team says we're in peak weather season right now. On Tuesday, we reported two tornadoes near Wahpeton. Here in Cass County, we're told we have no official tornado shelters.

But the City of Fargo's emergency services coordinator, Leon Schlafmann, says you should put as many walls and floors between you and the outdoors as possible.

“If you live in a house, go into the basement,” Schlafmann said. “If you don't have a basement, go as low as you can, as interior as you can, and without any windows.”

Schlafmann says to find the lowest, most interior and compact area of your building.

“Places you want to try to avoid are wide open spaces,” he said, “so if you are out shopping in a big box store, you would look for a restroom."

For apartment buildings, Schlafmann says interior hallways, a laundry room or underground parking lot may be your best bet, other than a bathroom.