Three doses of Narcan used to save woman in Friday morning drug overdose

FARGO, N.D. Fargo Police are investigating an overdose that sent one person to the hospital early this morning.

They say it all happened just before four this morning in the 1400 block of 10th Ave. S.

This all comes at a time when others in the Valley are reporting supposed 'bad batches' of various drugs hitting the metro.

"People are saying there's bad batches. Well, sometime there are batches that are more potent than other batches because they're cut with something.That's just a thing with drugs is you never know. There's no quality control. You don't know what's in it," Jessica Schindeldecker with Fargo Police said.

It's still unknown what drugs lead up to this mornings overdose, but police say three different doses of Narcan had to be given to the woman before she became fully alert again.

"There's a double edged sword. Narcan is saving lives absolutely, and it's a great thing to have. However, there's always a concern that it's enabling them because they have an out. They have a way to revive themselves," Schindeldecker said.

She says this morning's incident is a good reminder that just because you have that Narcan, doesn't always mean you're in the clear.

"Sometimes it's multiple doses of Narcan that are needed to bring somebody back. And once they're back, you don't know if maybe 10, 15, 20, an hour later if they're going to overdose again because the opioids are connecting to those receptors again," Schindeldecker said.

She says it's a good idea to always call for help when someone is overdosing even if Narcan has already been administered.

And also reminds you of the Good Samaritan Law in North Dakota. She explained as long as you're helpful and cooperate with police, you won't be charged with any crimes.

However that could change as the investigation goes on.

"If we were to learn that the person who did call in was also the person who was the source for that substance that was ingested and caused the overdose, then we might end up with a warrant for their arrest down the road," Schindeldecker said.

Police say as of today, the woman who called in this morning's overdose is not facing any charges.

Schindeldecker also says although Narcan is readily available at most pharmacies in the Valley, she urges you to help those with addiction find other services and treatments.

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