Texas police search for serial 'wedding crasher' who steals gifts

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Comal County, TX. (WAFB/CNN/Gray News) - Texas officials need your help identifying a woman who is wanted for crashing numerous weddings in Texas.

Officials in Texas are looking for a woman they are calling the "wedding crasher," who they believe is involved in arriving uninvited to venues posing as a guest and stealing wedding gifts. (Source: Comal County Crime Stoppers Facebook)

According to the Facebook post from the Comal County Crime Stoppers, they are looking for a female suspect who is involved in a series of thefts at wedding venues. Officials in Texas have dubbed her the “wedding crasher.” Officials also stated in the post the suspect does not just stick to Comal County, Texas but also targets surrounding counties as well.

The suspect arrives uninvited to the weddings and poses to be a guest and during the reception, she steals gifts, mostly cash and gift cards, meant for the newlyweds.

Police say she's crashed at least six different weddings, always dressed up and sometimes, even mingles with the guests.

Police found surveillance photos of the suspect by tracking gift cards stolen from weddings. In the post, the suspect can be seen leaving a Home Depot with another woman who appears to be wearing a New Orleans t-shirt.

“Let’s not let her ruin anyone else’s special day and bring this crasher to justice,” said the Comal County Crime Stoppers Facebook page.

The Comal County Crime Stoppers is offering an award of up to $4,000.

If you have any information on the suspect please contact the Comal County Crime Stoppers website. Or you can call in a tip to 830-620-TIPS (8477) or call 1-800-640-8422.

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