Technology to fight neighborhood crime

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) "Her neighbors got notified because she shared it right away with them," says Jessica Schindeldecker, the Crime Prevention and Public Information Officer for Fargo Police.

Even as she was learning about the extent of her own misfortune...

"We do know that there was a safe with a firearm inside it stolen and some electronics," Schindeldecker says.

...Thursday's victim was quick to make sure her neighbors were aware and alert.

"From my understanding, she did share some information with her next door neighbors - the Nextdoor neighborhood app on social media, to give a heads up and maybe if somebody else noticed them, anything like that," Schindeldecker says.

From smart doorbells capturing images of suspects ("All patrol officers have a still shot from the video so they're aware. And so they're out still looking for them, " says Schindeldecker) - to neighbors sharing important information online ("Nextdoor really acts like a virtual neighborhood watch where you can talk to your neighbors about any sort of suspicious activity that's occurred.") - police say technology is playing a larger role in keeping neighborhoods safe.

Now, officers hope the community can return the favor by identifying the suspects, which can help Thursday's burglary victims find closure.

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