Surveillance video shows man stealing over $100 worth of supplies from local hardware store

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EAST GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Police are still trying to find the man that stole over a hundred dollars worth of supplies from a hardware store in East Grand Forks. Valley News Live drove to the shop Saturday and talked with the owner to see how they're handling the situation.

What you're seeing is a man that looks as if he's shopping at for some tools at Hardware Hank in East Grand Forks. He looks around, adjusts his glasses and reaches for some tools on the shelf. He grabs them and puts the supplies in his backpack.

But this wasn't the only time; the man does it again, again and again. It happened four times in total. The owner says he stole over $150 in hardware tools.

"At first very angry," said owner Brandon Buckalew. "Definitely feel like a victim, you know I got enough stuff going on managing 50 employees."

Buckalew wants to know why.

"The items didn't seem like something he could take to a pawn shop and get very much money off of," said Buckalew. "So then you start wondering, did he need it for work? Like if he would have just talked to me, would we have worked something out?"

It's something the owner never thought would happen in his store, and customers can believe it either.

"I guess it's a shame that stuff's happening, but nowadays it's happening everywhere," said Hardware Hank customer Jacob Ledo.

Buckalew posted the picture of the man taken from the surveillance video and put it on Facebook. Three hours later, the post had over 60 shares, and the man was quickly identified by the community.

After calling the East Grand Forks Police Department Saturday, no charges have been made on the man. However, if they find him, he will receive a citation with misdemeanor theft, which can cost up to $500.