Superintendent Kirsten Baesler discusses Common Core issues in ND

North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction Superintendent Kirsten Baesler sat down with Chris to talk about Common Core and its future in ND, along with other issues affecting education in the state.

Statement from Superintendent Baesler on Common Core and the future of education standards in ND:

My statements have remained consistent and the official press release explains the process.

The press release is accurate but unfortunately some media headlines and resulting stories caused confusion.

The facts are:

Two writing committees are being formed that are comprised of North Dakota teachers to review our current North Dakota Standards, examine other state's standards that have high academic achievement and develop the next version of our North Dakota Standards.

This is the process we have used in ND for over 20 years.

The teachers on these committees will determine what needs to be edited or changed.

An independent panel will evaluate applications to the Writing Committees based on the factors set forth in the application. This application procedure is in North Dakota Century Code 54-44.4-02 to provide a process of selection that is fair and unbiased. Applications will be scored using a rubric based on the Scope of Work. Committee selections will be based solely on the evaluation outcome of applicants’ scores supervised by the procurement officer. The purpose of the procurement process is to give equal opportunity to all applicants assuring those selected are best qualified based on the scope of work.

Just as the old Physical Education standards were replaced by our new version of PE standards in July 2015, this 2016- 2017 version of our math and English will replace our 2010-2011 versions.

The teachers on the writing committees will determine what the standards are. Continuing controversy over the standards and resulting divisiveness in the state is not helping students. This process will place our teachers firmly in the driver’s seat determining what our state’s standards will be just as the people, parents and educators demanded.

Once the 2017 version of the standards is finalized in early 2017, a request for a state test aligned to those standards will be put forth. The state RFP selection process will select the proposal that best aligns with our state's needs and expectations of standards for the spring 2018 test administration. Proper notice will be given to Smarter Balanced in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time as prescribed by North Dakota law.

The issue of Common Core imposing

Washington meddling and obtrusive federal overreach into the state’s education system is being eliminated as we once again bring ND teachers together with free rein to determine what our standards should be for our North Dakota students.

The issue of what elements of the current standards will be in next version of the standards will be determined by our North Dakota teachers.

This is what the public in North Dakota has demanded.