Sunday growler sales going strong in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (KARE) It's been a busy year for the brewing industry in Minnesota. Especially since Minneapolis and St. Paul joined a growing list of cities allowing growler sales on Sundays.

For more than a year, Sundays haven't been the same at Fair State Brewing Cooperative in northeast Minneapolis.

"Growler sales have been huge ever since day one," said Evan Sallee of Fair State Brewing Cooperative.

CEO & co-founder Evan Sallee says that success comes from a once untapped market in Minnesota.

"Sunday is definitely far and away our biggest day for growler sales. We probably sell four or five time as many growlers on a Sunday as opposed to a normal day." explained Sallee.

Shortly after the new state law took effect in the summer of 2015, Minneapolis passed a measure allowing the sale of growlers on Sundays. St. Paul followed suit, it'll be one year on July 5.

"There was sort of this pent up demand for Sunday beer sales in Minnesota," said Sean O'Byrne.

Sean O'Byrne is owner of Great Waters Brewing Company in downtown St. Paul. He says Sunday makes up 35 percent of their total growler sales.

"I sort of thought it would just like shift sales, it would take those sales away from like a Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. And just move them to Sunday, that didn't happen. It's like all those days stayed the same or went up and the Sunday sales went up," said O'Byrne.

"Well like tomorrow, can't buy anything, right? So thought I'd pick up a growler today and saves a trip over to Wisconsin." said one man picking up a growler.

Those in the market, like Evan, will tell you, the craft beer craze isn't slowing down.

"Minnesotans really like drinking beer and they really like drinking beer that taste good," said Sallee.

Throughout the past year, cities passed their ordinances at different times. However, Bemidji and Nisswa are among the ones that have not passed a Sunday ordinance.