Students prepare for the world of cyber security

Published: Sep. 22, 2017 at 9:07 PM CDT
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Whether it's threats from other nations or keyboard jockeys trying to make a quick buck off of selling your information, the next generation of cyber security experts have to get an aging IT infrastructure caught up with the 21st century.

"Y'know you have code that was, perhaps, developed before connection to the internet was present" says Jeremy Straub, Associate Director of the NDSU Cyber Security Institute

"A lot of the vulnerabilities that you see are just overlooked problems; simple fixes that nobody paid attention too or bothered fixing" says NDSU student Isaac Burton.

Burton and his classmate Kelvin Broatui are studying computer science with an extra focus on cyber security.

When it comes to the possibility of having to go up against hackers that can steal data from multi-billion dollar industries, there's less concern than you would think.

"I get a little excited because I know because this field of which I'm entering in; there's a lot of stuff to do and I'm not just going to be sitting behind a desk on Facebook most of the time. I'm actually going to be doing something that's going to help people" says Broatui.

To help prepare themselves, the two decided to take part in the National Cyber League.

The competition pits students from across the country against eachother in simulated hacking events.

The goal of the games are to train up skills needed to be successful in the cyber securtiy field.

"It's a competition and it's, y'know, kind of sport like, but it's also teaching and demonstrating real world skills" says Straub.

"In the world of computer science, it's not just what you know; it's what you can do and I feel like partaking in this league will actually let you practice some of the skills that you've been taught" says Broatui.

Preperation for some work that'll need them to hit the ground running.

Broatui, Burton, and the rest of the NDSU Cyber League Team will start their pre-season competitions on October 20th.