Update: No threat to students or staff following possible school shooting threat, according to West Fargo Schools investigation

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 11:33 AM CST
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School officials believe there is no threat to students or staff after investigating a possible school shooting threat at Cheney Middle School in West Fargo.

The alleged threat was made Wednesday evening. The student has not been in school since. Officials with the school district tells us the student’s family has been cooperative with the investigation. Adding, they agreed the child will not return to school until a re-entry plan is made and all the conditions of that plan are met.

Officials with the district have released a formal statement to parents, you can find that here:

“We know the last two days have been stressful for our students and their families, but we hope you remain confident in our team to have made the right decisions to ensure the safety of everyone here at Cheney Middle School. If you need any additional clarification or reassurance, please contact your child’s administrator or counselor. However, it is important to know that we are unable to share specifics from the investigation, the results, and what is happening with the student.”


(Update 1:10 p.m.) West Fargo public schools is clarifying a statement it made early Thursday morning in regards to a school threat.

Below is a full copy of the statement:

"Staff at West Fargo Public Schools and officers from the West Fargo Police Department work together to complete an investigation of any threat leveled against the district. The process includes a thorough investigation into whether or not the threats alleged were actually made, in addition to working through a well-defined threat assessment process. The results of the investigation into the alleged threats and the threat assessment process will guide the decisions administration will make, including both immediate and long-term actions for the protection of our students and educators. While the investigative process is underway, the student who allegedly made the threats has not been in school or in contact with any Cheney MS students or staff.

We know that receiving news of potential harm to your student is very unsettling and it is human nature to want details. We hope you can understand that the district has a responsibility to all students, which includes ensuring an investigation is done thoroughly and efficiently. At this time, it is not productive to speculate on the child’s identity, motive, or ability to carry out this alleged threat.

Safety is always in the forefront of the work we do each and every day at all of our buildings. It is times like yesterday that remind us how grateful we need to be for the vigilance our students and staff have in their surroundings, and their desire to ensure their school is safe.

West Fargo Public Schools will not be entertaining interview requests or requests for additional comments at this time. We will reevaluate that stance once the investigation has been completed."


(Original) Heather Leas with the West Fargo School District says toward the end of the school day on Wednesday, a group of students spoke with administration at Cheney Middle School regarding threats they were hearing from another student about a school shooting.

Leas says the child's parents were contacted and a search was done of his locker which turned up nothing.

The student did not attend school on Thursday pending the results of a threat assessment.

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