Storms causing leaky roofs for many living in the Valley

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - The severe storms the Valley has seen could end up costing you big money if you aren't careful.

Local contractors say that the high winds mixed with the buckets of rain can spell disaster for the roof on your home.

Sideways rain can force water underneath the shingles or even blow off the shingles altogether.

"If you are actually missing a shingle itself, that's like having a hole in your boat,” said Jeremy Madsen, owner of Red River Valley Roofing. “It's going to be compromising your perfect roof system that's supposed to be there.”

Contractors say it is the time to check your attic or even use a latter to take a look up on your roof to make sure nothing is out of place. The longer your wait, the more damage the water can do.

"That water can be so detrimental and damaging to everything it touches,” Madsen said. “From your insulation to your drywall, everything. You may not notice it now, but that water can build up and next thing you know you are going to have to replace all the insulation in your roof."

If you notice that there is a leak in your home or missing shingles from your roof, it's recommended that you call a licensed contractor to have a look at it.