Storage unit break-ins

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(Valley News Live) Fargo A Fargo storage unit company is warning tenants after several break ins at their south Fargo facility. Five Star Storage reports that the break ins have occurred over the past week at the location directly west of Essentia, which is 3241 32nd street south. Five Star adds that the storage spaces that have been targeted have had inferior locks.
Crystal Maas, who works for the storage unit company says disc locks are what people should be using. They can be purchased for about 12 dollars at any hardware stores. She says that these locks are designed to go on the locks of the storage unit and they aren't so exposed and they are not easily cut off of the storage unit, so they are much more secure.
Another thing to consider is having tenant insurance. A person can get coverage for as low as nine dollars a month for up to 2000 dollars in coverage.