States with the most license suspensions: North Dakota comes in first place

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- North Dakota has come in first place in a new national study, but it's not for a good reason. In fact, research shows it's takes the top spot for having the most driver license suspensions in the country, with 7% of drivers having their licenses taken away.

"I prefer not to be around the city, I prefer to be out in the countryside," says Dilworth Resident, Chris Knutson.

Chris Knutson has been all across the U.S. He has been down a lot of roads and has come across countless drivers. But when he heard North Dakota is number one when it comes to the most driver's license suspensions, he was surprised. He assumed it would be a state with more people living in it.

"In Phoenix, Arizona I just figured there would be a lot more people out in that area in that big city that would have suspended licenses," says Knutson.

But not everyone is as shocked by this ranking.

"During my vacation here, there's not a whole lot else to do other than go to bars, drink and then they get in their cars. They don't use Uber or Lyft very often," says California Resident, Suzy South.

Suzy South is traveling here from California to visit family. She tell us she believes drinking and driving plays a huge role in the number of people getting their licenses suspended and she's not too far from wrong.

In fact, Sgt. Matthew Denault with the North Dakota Highway Patrol says the most common reason drivers have their licenses suspended in the state is because of people driving drunk.

"We do encounter a lot of drivers who do have suspended licenses and we do arrest a lot of people or charge people out with violations that would lead to a suspension of their license," says North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Matthew Denault.

And Minnesota isn't in the clear either. The land of 10,000 lakes was ranked number nine on that same list.

Williston is the biggest contributor to the suspended license problem in North Dakota. Its share of drivers with a suspended license, is nearly two and a half times the national average.