Spring breakers weigh-in on violence in Cancun following weekend shooting

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Today’s snowstorm has cancelled some flights but Spring break is still on many minds. Mexico is always a hot spot for getaways. But a recent rise in violence in Cancun is concerning to travelers.

It’s that time of year again when a lot of us need to get away.

"I would love to go back to San Diego for the break," says Fargo Resident, Jonathan Weiss.

Jonathan Weiss isn't going anywhere this year, he's staying in town. But he says hearing about some dangerous spots in Cancun isn't news to him.

"I have friends that went to Cancun in 2017 and there was some crime back then," says Weiss.

And that crime is still happening now. In fact, 5 people were killed this weekend after gunmen opened fire inside a bar in Cancun. But people like Allison Martell tell us that doesn't scare her because she says, that could happen anywhere.

"A person can't stay in their home forever, you have to go out and enjoy your life and sometimes you risk danger," says Fargo Resident, Allison Martell.

Valley News Live: “Are a lot of people traveling down to Mexico or Cancun for spring break?”

"O'h my gosh yes, definitely," says Travel Travel Director of Romance Travel, Lisa Brasgalla.

Lisa Brasgalla with Travel Travel tells us Cancun is a hot spot for people from the F-M area during Spring break. She tells us shes heard the recent news about violence in Cancun. But she says just like when you travel anywhere, you should always use your head.

"Don't go wandering down any allies. If you're going to book any excursions or tours, book them through the resort or tour company," says Brasgalla.

We talked with some people around the area who are heading down to Cancun in the next week or two. They tell us it does make them a little nervous to hear about the violence and they've had to change their plans a bit. But other than that, they'll be listening to Brasgalla's advice.

The bar, where the most recent Mexico shooting happened is about four miles away from the hotel zone along the ocean, where many tourists stay. Travel agents say to carry a photo-copy of your passport, when you leave the country and be aware of your surroundings.