Some residents concerned over shooting in Downtown Fargo

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The search continues for a man police say was involved in an armed robbery in Downtown Fargo Thursday evening.

Donte Gaynor says he's staying at his friend's apartment at 701 10th St. N.—the building where police say one victim was shot and another had a head injury Thursday night at 10:57 p.m.

"I didn't see no bullet wounds, all I seen was blood," Gaynor said.

Gaynor says he was leaving the building when one of the victims walked in—covered in blood.

“I think it was coming from their chest or something," he said.

Gaynor says he didn’t hear the victim say very much.

"He just like, 'I was shot, I was shot,'" he said.

He says the male victim walked into his own apartment, while Gaynor ran upstairs to the apartment he stays in with his friend. His friend called 911, he says, and the police told them to stay inside.

"I seen a whole bunch of squad cars like I think four or five, probably and like two ambulances," Gaynor said.

According to the Fargo PD, the victim flagged police down about a block away from the building.

Gaynor says the victim he saw must have left the apartment again after he witnessed him come in.

Police say a second victim with a head wound then approached the police. Both victims told officers a black male wearing a face mask knocked on their door, and forced his way into their apartment and assaulted them.

Police say the extent of the victims' injuries is unknown at this time, and they haven't said whether any arrests have been made—but we were told earlier that they don't believe there's danger to the general public.

Building resident, Daniel Habiger, just moved into the apartment about three months ago—after his release from prison.

"It worries me,” he said, “but I think it should be okay. It's the only place that I can afford really. So I think it's safer to be indoors than be in a homeless shelter."

Habiger says residents tend to leave the front door unlocked, though they could lock it if they wanted to.

The building’s landlord did not respond to our calls.

But neighbors of the building say safety in the area has gone downhill over the past few years.

"Kinda freaky that things are happening like shootings right next to us, you know, probably 20 feet away from our house, where we have our son here, our 11-month-old son, so it just doesn't feel very safe anymore," Jayden Albertson, who lives next door to the building, said.

His sister-in-law, Robin Alfaro, says she blames that one building for the deterioration of the neighborhood.

"I think it's like on the grid,” she said, “with drugs and stuff because a lot of people, you'll see them knocking on the windows, asking for drugs, they'll be yelling at like midnight."

Fargo police say records show at least 83 incidents coming from that building since Jan. 2016.

But Donte Gaynor says he's not worried.

"I mean, I'll still stay here, still be here,” he said. “I mean, gun shots don't scare me. Nothing actually scares me."

Police had no other information. They say the investigation is ongoing.