Sober rides in North Dakota

Published: Mar. 17, 2018 at 10:30 PM CDT
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"It is important that everyone gets home safe, that is what it comes down too," said Levi Mertz.

With lots of pub-crawling going on Saturday night for St. Patrick's Day, many will drive out to the bars downtown for a good night. After having a drink too many though, people may drive their vehicles back home under the influence. The reason being is that, many people do not want to come back and pick up their vehicle in the morning.

Owner of Sober Drive Levi Mertz, believes safe driving is of the utmost importance. Mertz also goes on to say that people will drive their car under the influence, just to avoid paying another fee to return and pick up their vehicle the next day from the bar.

Unlike Uber and other cab services, Sober Drive drives you back home in the comfort of your own vehicle. For prices ranging between $20 - $25 dollars, when customers wake up the next morning after a long night at the bar, they will find their car in the driveway. On a night like Saturday, ride companies will be very busy, and Mertz says it is important to call ahead.