Snow removal companies backed up, as folks try to clear out snow before next storm

With many folks planning for even more snow Wednesday night, some tried to get ahead of the game—by getting the snow that’s already on the ground removed. But with such an abundance of the white stuff around, they're finding it’s not such an easy task.

Her roof looks cleared up now—but Jessica Kendall of West Fargo says she's lost count of how many snow removal companies she contacted to get it that way.

"Couldn't get any responses back,” Kendall said, “and basically just started finding anyone and everyone via Facebook messenger, we went on the Nextdoor app...and kind of hoped and waited."

And with folks in her area expecting even more snow Wednesday night, Kendall needed to get what she had cleared out.

"We started having leaks around our windows and down one of our walls in the front,” she said.

Kendall finally got a response, but she says the ones who responded only lasted 20 minutes...

"And hopped off the roof and said it was too slippery and they didn't have the right equipment," she said.

We reached out to a couple snow removal places, but as we imagined, they were pretty busy.

Jonathan Bosma, owner of Fargo's Bosma Snow Removal, tells us there's so much snow already that the time it normally takes him to finish a job has completely doubled.

“Things that usually take us one to two hours to clear is taking two to four hours,” Bosma said.

Bosma says he’s not taking on any more customers for the season, since he's already too busy taking care of the ones he's already got under contract.

But West Fargo resident, Jessica Kendall, finally did find three young men who were free for the day, through social media.

"Obviously they're not insured and all that,” she said. “So that's a risk, but we were having a difficult time, and we wanted the snow off the roof."

She says she paid $200 to clear out her roof—but that's nothing compared to the upwards of $700 she says others are charging. Plus, she says, the young men did a great job.