A reminder on snow etiquette

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Remembering snow etiquette when dealing with harsh winter storms in the Valley.

The season started with just a few inches of snow and now it's covering homes across the region. Some snow plowing owners like Nathan Schaefer have been busy plowing the streets of Fargo and Moorhead. He says that one thing that he's seen is people dumping snow into the road.

"You're not supposed to be plowing into any of the streets in town. We're not supposed to push up on the boulevards, it comes with a fine for the city. There's some city ordinances against it," said Schaefer.

The Fargo Police Department says there's a $100 fine involved if a contractor dumps or pushes snow on someone's property. However, this isn't the only thing to keep in mind as winter progresses. Schaefer said you should take other precautions like cleaning off the roof of your car.

"If they're driving down the interstate and you get a chunk of ice that comes off the roof that has frozen over time and flies off, it can crack a windshield, it can cause an accident," said Schaefer.

It's also important to think of others like the mailman. The United States Postal Service released a map showing you the best way to clear a route to your mailbox. It demonstrates creating a curve big enough for them to fit.

"A lot of the mail trucks are only two-wheel drive. If you have a lot of snow in front of your mailbox, they're going to have a tough time getting in and out to get you your mail," said Schaefer.

These are only a few things to keep in mind when the next winter storm hits.