Small Minnesota town looks to track down dognapper and gas thief

PERLEY, M.N. (KVLY) People in a small, Minnesota town took to social media this week in hopes of finding a stolen puppy and the woman who took it.

A clerk at the Perley co-op left a note for her coworkers detailing a gas drive-off that happened Monday afternoon. The note says, 'Drive off. Roughly around 3:30 pm. Silver car. Brown haired woman with German Sheppard. Monday 8-27-18.'

And Tuesday, just down the road a few miles, a couple noticed their 8-month-old puppy, Gunnar was missing.

"We searched the area, about a 3-mile radius and found nothing. So then my wife called the sheriff and notified that, 'Hey, I think our dog was stolen,'" Keith Hennen said.

The next day, a gravel truck driver in the area told the Hennen's that he saw someone pull over at their farmstead and force Gunnar into a silver car.

Fast forward to Thursday:

"Yesterday I happened to come to the co-op and they had a drive-off here, with a German Sheppard in the back. Same description of the car," Hennen said.

"And so I'm going, 'Really?' And so here it was the same Monday, and it was the same woman that stole the dog!" Lorna Reinhart, a Perley Co-op clerk, said.

With the dots connected, Hennen and the co-op looked at security footage and posted a screenshot of the woman to Facebook.

"And within a couple hours, we had it; the car ID'd and confirmed that that was the car," Hennen said.

"Thank heaven we had cameras when she was up here and thank heaven the clerk saw the dog in the car, or else it would have never been known," Reinhart said.

The Norman County Sheriff's Department says they know who the suspect is, but haven't been able to make contact yet. Adding that it's still an active investigation to bring Gunnar home.

"Who knows what the dog is going through now, so that's really sad," Reinhart said.

And the co-op says because of this incident, they'll be stepping up their security camera system in the coming weeks.

"We can see the person in the car, we can see the license plates, we can see everything! So that's what we're gonna get! Which is gonna be nice," Reinhart said.

And the Hennen's say they might have to do the same.

"Now we're talking about everybody getting security cameras on your farms, because it's not safe out there anymore," Hennen said.

The Hennen's also say they wish they would have had Gunnar chipped, and recommend it to other dog owners so this doesn't happen to you.

If you have any information about the woman in question or Gunnar's whereabouts, call the Norman County Sheriff's Office at 218-784-7114.