Slushy road conditions caused many people to go in the ditch

Car in the ditch on Highway 2 near Grand Forks
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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live)- "Extremely busy. First snowfall of the year, everybody forgets how to drive," says Adam Berry, Manager of Interstate Towing and Recovery.

The northern part of the valley also got hit with heavy wet snow, causing many people to slide in the ditch.

A local towing company says they're really busy during the first snowstorm of the season.

Interstate Towing and Recovery in Grand Forks had nearly 20 weather related calls, so far.
And most those calls were on Highway 2.

"People forget that you need to take your time, slow down, pay attention to what other people are doing, anticipate the road conditions in front of you. Highway Two corridor has just been terrible," says Berry.

Berry said his company has pulled out semi-trucks, delivering company vehicles, and of course, cars.

"Nobody has escaped the wrath of the ditch this morning," says Berry.

The Grand Forks Police Department says it's because the slush on the roads pull people's tires towards the ditch.

"Slow down, be mindful of that, and anticipate problems before they happen," says Grand Forks Police Department Lieutenant Derik Zimmel.

Lieutenant Zimmel also wants to remind people to have a full tank of gas before going on a trip and to always have a winter survival kit packed along.