Skyway unveiled for Hector International Airport

FARGO, N.D. The days of battling the elements when you're flying into or out of Hector International Airport may be coming to an end----at least some-what.

If the costs work out, you're going to have a skyway to take you from the parking lot to the terminal.

The airport authority is showing off plans for the skyway.

It would connect the long and short-term parking lots, with the terminal's second floor.

The skyway is estimated to cost $13-to-15-million.

Airport officials say most of it, 90-percent, would be eligible for federal funding.

Mayor Mahoney has been vocal opposing the project.

He says he wants to see a parking ramp instead.

But the airport authority says they can't afford that right now.

Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein says the project still has a ways to go.

He says they'd like to let bids later this year, or early next.

And if the price is right, construction could start in 20-19.