Skill CutZ gives free hair cuts for jail chaplain program

Published: Oct. 5, 2019 at 9:27 PM CDT
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Seats at the Skill CutZ barber shop here in Fargo were filled all day long.

Skill CutZ is located just off of 45th St. S., right next to Famous Daves. They've been cutting hair since 2008.

Saturday, the shop gave out free hair cuts and encouraged customers to donate to the Jail Chaplain program.

The program provides ministry for inmates, in hopes of giving them a second chance.

The owner of Skill CutZ said the program and the community has given him so much and that Saturday was all about giving back.

"Jail Chaplain is such an incredible program," Owner Wil Dort said. "Most people are trying to run away from the jail and they are going in, talking with inmates and giving them a relationship with Christ."

Dort added the Jail Chaplain program is a big part of his life and that he hopes that he can continue to serve the people of Fargo with his barber shop.

To learn more about the Jail Chaplain program, visit this link: