Shots fired into a Minnesota woman's home, she wants answers

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A woman from Erskine, Minnesota is begging for help after she says her home was shot at nearly 10 times.

Nina Daigre was sitting on her couch when she said she heard a loud clank on her living room window.

"I ducked out of the chair and right onto the floor," said Daigre.

It was more than just a clank, she found bullet hole markings across her living room window. She ended up staying with a friend that night, in fear of her life.

The first time it happened was December 2, 2018. Daigre said it happened nine times in total. The last round of shots was fired last Saturday.

After calling 911 for the first time, she says officers responded and took pictures. The second time they patrolled the complex for only a couple days. The last time the police took Nina to her mothers home. She said she hasn't heard from them since.

"She's a human being," said Daigre's mother. "We all bleed red when it comes down to it."

Daigre said she's packing up boxes now to move out. In the meantime, she's staying with her mom at night.

We've called the Polk County Sheriffs Department multiple times the passed couple of days to hear what they're doing about this incident.
They have yet to return our calls.