Sex injuries on the rise; experts say not talking about it is part of the problem

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Sex injuries are on the rise. Up 80% in the last five years, according to a new study, and the number one place couples hurt themselves? The bathroom.

Slips and falls, rug burn and muscle strains are a few common injuries, but there are other, more serious issues.

Walking into a sex shop often makes people feel uncomfortable, if they even go at all, but those that work in one say not talking about sex is actually the problem. Especially when it comes to parents talking to their teenage girls.

"Well if they are uncomfortable talking to her about that, imagine how uncomfortable she is bringing it up to them. You know she has questions, so if she can't ask her parents, who is she going to ask, she's going to ask her girlfriends, or she is going to go online. Well, there is a lot of information online, and some of it is really good, and some of it is really bad," said Kim Patterson, the owner of Enchantasy's Intimate Boutique in Fargo.

Patterson adds that bad information, as well as videos that teens and adults are easily watching is contributing to the increase in sex related injuries.

"That's not normal, people can't do that, they don't get in that position, or they can't perform at that level for that duration."

She also says schools and parents should be teaching kids about sex, but first adults need to educate themselves with facts.

"If you don't know how to work on your car, it's the last thing you want to do is try to do that, because you could do more damage, and it's the same thing with sex."

But hypnotherapist, LeAnne Martin says the problem is much deeper.

"If one of the partners wants to go and make love all the time, every day, that simply means there's an emptiness in the subconscious mind." Martin said when there are issues in the bedroom, there is often something else going on too.

"I think there are a lot of empty kids." Said Martin.

Martin believes too many young women are having sex for all the wrong reasons, like self-esteem issues, and they could benefit from hearing this from women who are aging.

"Even if they are uncomfortable they need to talk to their kids, it's their responsibility as parents." Said Patterson.

Patterson wants to point out, the employees at Enchantasy's Intimate Boutique have a lot of education. That's the whole reason they opened the shop in the first place. All the employees go through hours of classes learning about health, products, aging and all kinds of information when it comes to sex.