Severe cold blamed for saltwater spill in western North Dakota

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KILLDEER, N.D. (AP) — The severe cold is blamed for a saltwater spill in western North Dakota.

The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division says the spill was reported at a saltwater disposal well in Dunn County.

Hanna SWD LLC reported Sunday that about 29,400 gallons of saltwater and 1,050 gallons of oil spilled when a line froze at a disposal well about 13 miles north of Killdeer.

The contamination was contained within the dikes of the facility.

A majority of the spill has been recovered. Gravel that was soaked with brine and oil will be removed and hauled to a disposal site, according to a spill report.

Agency spokeswoman Alison Ritter said the spill was caused by a frozen line that connects the truck to a tank at the site.