Holiday travelers get stuck at Hector Airport

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- The holiday has come and gone, and now mother nature is getting in the way of many people's travel plans. Valley News Live was at the airport talking with travelers who said they've spent thousands of dollars on flights and are just ready to be in the comfort of their own home.

"They were very icy when we were driving here," said Phillip Faulkner from Athens, Georgia. "We saw a few cars that had slid off the roads."

Many like Phillip Faulkner flew to Fargo to spend the holiday with friends and family.

"Hopefully, I'll get home tonight," said Faulkner.

People were antsy waiting at the airport on Saturday.

Travelers say the chances of them getting home Thanksgiving weekend are 50-50.

"I've just been out here all week, and it's just been cooped up in a hotel, so I'm ready to get home and be in the comfort of my own home again," said Blaine Konkel from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Konkel was waiting at the airport all day on Saturday.

"We were supposed to fly at 5:50 this morning, but I think there were high winds in Denver, so our flight got canceled," said Konkel.

He and many others are booking hotels, once again.

"Trying to keep costs down," said Konkel. "We just had to spend another thousand dollars to book more flights."

Travelers were talking about which hotels they can stay at that have shuttles. Many people already returned their rental cars.

Travel experts say if something went wrong with your flight, call customer support. Many are willing to help you out.