September 11 attacks continue to impact everyday life

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - Peoples’ lives changed forever on September 11, 2001.

"I will never forget it,” said Mike Graf of West Fargo. “I thought about it when I woke up this morning, what I was doing, where I was. It’s just something you don't forget."

Many people say it began like any typical day, but what happened later that morning is unforgettable.

"On the radio, you heard about Flight 93 going down and the Pentagon going down,” said Andrew Winkelman of Warsaw, MN. “I was going by Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and there's not a plane in the sky. The most eerie feeling you ever had in your life."

Peoples' lives changed in more ways than one that day.

Airports alone completely transformed. The TSA was created in hopes of never allowing something like this to happen again.

"We're not invincible,” Winkelman said. “We're vulnerable, very vulnerable."

Each and every day, people board planes following a long list of rules. This is all in response to 9/11.

And it doesn't end there. Research shows public buildings also have tightened security. Many now require every person who enters to check-in and out and deliveries must be left at the front desk instead of delivered directly.

September 11 is more than just a day to remember, it sculpted many of the policies and rules that we live by today.

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